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Fresh as spring itself

Right on time for the warmer days, we are delighted to present our new spring and summer collection featuring smooth, soft top sheets and new colour variations of our Linus and Louise bed linen.

Lotta spinach flatlay

Leni endive top sheet made of 100% organic cotton.
Linus oat top pillowcases made of  100% linen.

We are lavie.

We make home textiles.

Made of linen, organic cotton and hemp, sustainably and fairly produced in Portugal.

We design timeless textiles that accompany you in your everyday life.

In the best case, for a lifetime.

Louise fichtengruen organic cotton
Louise spruce green

Bed linen Louise

100% Organic cotton

lavie Linus white Bed linen

Bed linen Linus

100% linen

lavie Bettwäsche Lotta forest

Bed linen Lotta

100% Hemp

Marta indigo

Plaid Marta

100% Organic cotton

Louise fichtengruen organic cotton

Cooking apron Jodie Cradle To Cradle® Gold certified

New collection,
new inspiration:

Discover the circular decorative cushions and chef’s aprons made from Italian denim. This capsule collection has been awarded the Cradle To Cradle Certified® Gold certificate.

Profit now!

We need space for our new collection. Of course, we can’t do this without the heartbreak of a break-up, but we’re finding comfort in the idea that an old favorite of ours will become your new one.
lavie Linus blau Bettwäsche Flatlay

Now on sale Linus blue made from 100% linen. 


Off to bed
Bright green and fruity pink

Strong colours like spinach and lychee are the focus of our new collection. But new patterns are now also moving into the bedroom.
Lotta spinach flatlay

Lotta Duvet- & pillowcase made from 100% hemp.

New table linen from lavie à table!

Erik and Smilla convince not only with natural materials and fresh colors, no. They also convince with 100% transparency.

Napkin Erik indigo
Top sheets gain the upper hand

Top sheets gain the upper hand

Ready for our all-rounders? Discover the new spring and summer collection. Freshly coloured top sheets are perfect for picnics and tables, as well as the bedroom.

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made to last

made to last

A uniquely beautiful and consistently circular denim collection of decorative cushions and aprons. A well-rounded affair.

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