Top Sheets

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Our summer love: the top sheets

Linus takes over the role of the comforter during the warm nights, so you stay nice and fresh even in summer. If it gets colder again, Linus protects your blanket very caring. And makes your room look neater than it might be.

What the bed wears on top: the linen top sheets.
Ironing is something for others? Then Linus is the right one: with extra crease look, the linen top sheet is comfortable, pretty and easy to clean. If you like to be warm in winter and cool in summer, linen is a good choice. The fiber regulates temperature, is absorbent and dries faster than cotton. The material is also extremely tear-resistant, antibacterial and can be dried both in the air and in the tumble dryer. The Linus natural collection also offers a top sheet that has been naturally dyed – thus automatically protecting the environment. The raw material flax for our top sheets comes from Benelux and is certified according to the standards of EUROPEAN FLAX®.

Gentle dyeing: Garment Dye.
For the right colour for Linus, the individual parts are piece-dyed, better known under the English term Garment Dye. This means that the products are first woven and made up, and only then dyed and washed. Garment Dye also allows smaller quantities to be dyed as required, which in turn conserves resources. Finally, the stonewash finish provides the matte casual look.

The linen top sheets are available in the following sizes:
– 170 x 270 cm
– 240 x 270 cm

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