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Top sheets gain the upper hand

Top sheets gain the upper hand

Ready for our all-rounders? Discover the new spring and summer collection. Freshly coloured top sheets are perfect for picnics and tables, as well as the bedroom.

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Off into the bed linen!

Yes, we confess: our bedding may make getting up a little harder. Cuddly and comfy as it is, you’ll look forward to going to bed every day after the first cup of coffee. Thanks to the high quality fabrics and the careful handling, our bed linen will accompany you for a lifetime. Whether organic cotton, hemp or linen: All our products are antibacterial and exceptionallyfor soft and therefore good to you and your skin. Sustainability is also an important factor, our collections are manufactured ecologically and fairly by long-term partner companies in Portugal.

Made for your home: the designs

The unagitatedly beautiful designs of the bedding fit in a cozy bedroom or on the cozy couch. Stripes? They come in several variations. Colourfully printed with summery seagulls or garden-fresh artichokes? Yes, indeed. Uni in a wide variety of colours, from excitingly gaudy to discreetly restrained? Sure. These can then also be combined as desired thanks to mix-and-match.

Superfresh and supercozy: the organic cotton bed linen

As diverse and colourful as life is the bed linen made of 100% organic cotton. The two collections Louise from percale and Leon mineral from satin are available in a variety of colors. All products have in common that they are easy to clean, resistant, skin-friendly and durable. If you ever start to sweat, it’s not a thing: cotton is highly absorbent and breathable. The products are all GOTS certified.

It crinkles between us: the linen bedding

Our linen bedding has the extra crinkle look and is suitable for all who are lazy about ironing. If you like to be warm in winter and cool in summer, linen is a good choice, the fiber is temperature regulating, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. The material is also tear-resistant, antibacterial and can be dried both in the air and in the tumble dryer. The raw material flax for our linen bedding comes from Benelux and is certified according to the standards of EUROPEAN FLAX®.

Hemp on the heart: the hemp bed linen

Hemp offers an extremely impressive eco-balance and, according to a study, yields three times more than an average cotton harvest. The plant hardly knows any natural pests, so insecticides are unnecessary. By the way, our hemp bed linen collection is called Lotta. And Lotta is no prude, hemp fibers are durable and robust. Allergies have no chance and the stonewashed finish provides the soft touch and uncomplicated look.

Garment dye

All of our solid-coloured items are garment dyed. With this dyeing method, textiles are only dyed after they are made up, which gives them their typical look. A critical advantage of piece dyeing is that we can also produce in smaller quantities – depending on demand and need. This contributes efficiently to the preservation of resources. It should be noted that slight colour differences may occur between individual productions. This also applies to our unbleached and undyed bed linens, as natural raw materials may show slight differences depending on each harvest.

Different sizes for different needs:

– Comforters: 160×210 and 200x210cm
– Pillowcase: 40×60, 50×70, 65×65 and 65x100cm

All pillows have a hotel closure and comforters button closure.

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