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No spot stays dry: our towels

Tilda makes it easy for us: in the suitcase, in the heart. The wonderfully soft towels made of 100% organic cotton fit perfectly in the bathroom as well as in the luggage. It is ultra-light, yet super absorbent and durable, easy to clean, soft to the touch and dries quickly – thanks to these attributes, it also uses less water and detergent when washed.

Towels for sophisticated baths

Let Tilda move in and beautify the bathroom! The different colours are perfectly combinable. The towels are manufactured by long-term partner companies in Portugal in a sustainable and fair working environment and are certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. The organic cotton also bears the bioRe® Sustainable Cotton seal of approval.


Gentle dyeing: Garment Dye For the right colour, the individual parts are piece-dyed, better known under the English term Garment Dye. This means that the products are first woven and made up, and only then dyed and washed. Garment Dye also enables smaller quantities to be dyed as required, which in turn conserves resources. The prewash also ensures the matte casual look.

MINERALS capsule collection – beautiful by nature

Feels good: on the skin, for the conscience. Tilda is also available as MINERALS capsule collection in three colours apricot, carbon and soya. The products are coloured with natural dyes using the mineral-dye method. The colouring pigments in mineral dye come from nature, more precisely from sedimentary rock, which is processed into colouring powder. For our products we additionally use a synthetically produced colour fixer – of course approved by GOTS – which ensures a certain colour fastness. We also assure: Each piece is unique! Since it is a natural dye, no two products are alike. Sometimes the colouring is delicate, sometimes more intense, sometimes uniform, sometimes with markings.

The towels are available in the following sizes:

– Washcloth: 30×30 cm
– Guest towel: 30×50 cm
– Hand towel: 50×100 cm
– Bath towel: 70×140 cm
– Bath towel: 100×150 cm

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