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made to last

made to last

A uniquely beautiful and consistently circular denim collection of decorative cushions and aprons. A well-rounded affair.

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Pleasant Plaids

Whether on a fresh spring morning on the balcony or a cold autumn evening on the sofa – Marta is there for you, wraps you up, gives warmth. Marta? Marta is our beautiful plaid made of organic cotton, available in a wide range of colours. The thin bedspread with fringes is made of waffle fabric in a great vintage look.

Into pure well-being: the organic cotton plaids

The waffle fabric of our plaids is airy, light and thanks to the stonewash finish as cuddly as your cat. And it’s made of 100% organic cotton. Whether in the cheerful mustard, the noble royal blue or the strong port: There are as many colours as there are tastes. What all products have in common is that they are easy-care, resistant, hygienic, skin-friendly and durable. And if you start to sweat, that’s no problem: cotton is highly absorbent and breathable.

Good for the environment, pretty for the home

Our Martas are manufactured by long-term partner companies in Portugal in a sustainable and fair working environment. For the right colour, the individual pieces are piece-dyed, better known under the English term Garment Dye. This means that the plaids are first woven and made up and then dyed and washed. The dyeing process roughens the fibers somewhat, which makes the bedspreads nice and soft to the touch. Garment Dye also allows smaller quantities to be dyed as needed, which in turn conserves resources. The products are all GOTS and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and have been awarded the bioRe® Sustainable Cotton seal of approval.

The plaids are available in the size 130×170 cm and in the colours white, ash rose, indigo, taupe, mustard, green, port, anthracite, coffee and royal blue.

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    lavie Laurin Quilt anthrazit/sage stripes Freisteller
    Laurin - anthracite, 150x200 cm 



    150x200 cm

    1 X CHF 159.00 = CHF 159.00