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Linen bedding for uncomplicated everyday life.

Everything 100% linen

You’ve heard of irons but don’t want to have anything to do with them? Then we’ve got some good news for you: our linen bedding has a special crinkled effect. Almost sold already? Wait a second, we still have some strong arguments for Linus.

For example, that thing about linen and temperatures: if you like it warm in winter and cool in summer (so basically everyone), then linen is ideal, as the fibre is temperature regulating, absorbent and dries faster than cotton. But linen is also a great choice for everyone who flails around athletically in the night and or has a rough washing machine as the material is so tear-resistant.

«The fibre is temperature-regulating, absorbent and dries more quickly than cotton.»

In addition, linen bedding remains pleasantly easy-going and hardly accumulates any static electricity. Bacteria don’t have a chance and are quickly destroyed before they have a chance to gain a foothold. Stains are not tackled quite as enthusiastically, but they don’t like linen that much anyway. Whether you throw your new bedding into the dryer or let it air dry, it’s entirely up to you, both are fine. After air-drying, the bed linen can be a bit stiff for the first night before it goes back to being soft and supple again.

lavie bedding made from 100% linen.

We can offer you so much more, for example a clear conscience

That’s enough of the pragmatic user-friendliness. We can offer you so much more, for example a clear conscience. In our products, we are careful to use materials with traceable origins. Our linen bedding is made of certified, European flax (see also European Flax) grown in Belgium and France. As there are hardly any spinning mills in Europe any more, the linen fibres are spun in China before they travel to Portugal where they are woven and assembled. To get the right colour, the individual pieces are garment dyed. This means that the duvet cover or pillow case are first woven and assembled, and only then are they coloured and washed. The dye process roughens the fibres up, which makes the otherwise stiff linen bedding beautifully soft to the touch. In addition, the garment dye process makes it possible to dye smaller quantities if necessary, which also saves on resources.

In summary: linen bedding is the ideal match for everyone who values sustainability as well as natural materials. And everyone who is a bit lazy about ironing and appreciates sleeping at exactly the right temperature every night. And don’t forget the aesthetics! Click here to find out how good the items look in a cosy bedroom.

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