Capsule Collection

made to last


Circular design


A uniquely beautiful and consistently circular
Denim collection of decorative cushions and aprons, which has been awarded the Cradle To Cradle Certified® Gold certificate.

Circular decorative cushions

A well-rounded affair

We are proud to take another decisive step towards sustainable home textiles with made to last.

We only settle for the best: our Capsule Collection has been awarded the Cradle To Cradle Certified® Gold certification, one of the most recognised certifications for circular products. The label obliges us to ensure closed-loop production. The fundamental requirement is that all steps in the manufacture of the products are sustainable: from the raw material to the sewing thread to the finishing.


Denim Dreams


All the really good things come from Italy: pizza, pasta and the textiles for this collection. The decorative cushions and chef’s aprons are made from circular Italian denim. Because closed-loop textiles are still difficult to source, lavie is part of the Circular Clothing Co-operative. Thanks to our collective commitment, we were able to procure the fabric, which fulfils the strict criteria of Cradle To Cradle®. To keep transport distances as short as possible, the fabric is woven, dyed, made up and laser cut in Italy.

Decorative cushion Marilyn
Decorative cushion Geena Mix Detail
Decorative cushion Geena mix
Kochschürze Bob


Beautifully reduced


Reduction is an important tool when it comes to developing and designing circular products. The more appendages, buttons, zips or ribbons, the more difficult it becomes to design a sustainable object. That’s why our cushions have a simple and elegant hotel closure. But even simplicity conceals challenges: Less obvious elements, such as the sewing thread or the label, must comply with Cradle To Cradle®standards.

Serve in style

We advocate denim behind and in front of the pans. The chef’s aprons from our made to last collection are a real feast for the eyes.

Chef’s aprons go through a lot. Even more than your favourite pair of jeans in the cupboard, the fabric has to put up with a lot; traces of dough, tomatoes or truffle oil are immortalised on it at some point. In addition to two plain colours (JODIE in ecru and black), our designers have also created the BOB version, which pays homage to these marks in an aesthetic way.

Chef’s apron JODIE Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold


Lemon on denim


Design is born out of the tension between the desire to create, technical feasibility and the demand for functionality. Our designers used high-precision laser technology to create the special surfaces. The motifs – all kinds of fleeting everyday objects – were not printed, but laser-engraved onto the fabric in the case of the MARILYN cushion and the BOB apron. For the fringed dot pattern on the cushion GEENA, the laser cut through the fabric with pinpoint accuracy. The creative realisation of the ephemeral gives the theme of circularity a captivating form.

lavie made to last Collection Marylin 40x60cm decorative cushion Details
lavie made to last Collection Marylin 40x60cm decorative cushion
Kochschürze Bob
lavie made to last Collection Bob apron Mood Close Up
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